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Hello everyone, I am Blossom. I am a college student and also work as escort too. I belong to small town in Russia and in love with Moscow, especially its young and rich men. chicas escort Madrid I love venturing out in night life and know the coolest places where both of us can chill out and later make out in bed. I can be your perfect companion to refresh your body and mind when you are tired after office hours. We can go to pubs, cafes, restaurants, art galleries or wherever you like just like a normal couple deeply in love. I have wavy brown hair, voluptuous body and nice bust. I really love when men kiss and play with my breasts. I am expert in deep French kissing, giving you a hot shower experience playing erotic games and my favorite one oral sex. I assure you that you won’t get a better oral job other than me in whole city. I will start gently and then move my speed to ignite enough sensation in your body. Once your lust is awaken, you can take me to bed and give me soft kisses all over my body to fulfill your desires. Just book my service and see how I bring happy moments back in your life. 

My sex story

I am going to share with you my best sexual experience till date. My date was a young biker who had booked me for one night stand. He arrived in my apartment at 10:pm and after little bit introduction took me to his hotel room. His hotel was located in the outskirts of city in a very reclusive place. I was nervous a little bit, but the guy calmed my nervous by making a drink.
The guy had mixed something in the drink. I started feeling dizzy after some drink and fell on the ground. The biker picked me from the ground to put me on his soft bed.  He looked at me from top to bottom for some minutes and then loosen up my hair. My beautiful hair was wide open. Then, he ran his hands on my soft stomach. I uttered a soft moan as his firm hands move over my stomach. While running his hands on my stomach, the guy fondled my tits gently. He came on top of me and kissed my chest for a while. I knew what was going on but was unable to resist him. He kept on kissing my chest for a while then he lifted me a little from the bed and ripped my shirt open. He moved his hands gently over my tits and before I could say no my bra was undone. My frontal portion was completely naked. The guy then put me again to bed and kissed me passionately starting from neck and then moving to my lips. He kissed me ferociously like an animal has got its favorite prey. From there, he moved to my lovely tits and start sucking them gently. The guy played with them a lot and move down to his favorite area i.e. stomach where he poured soft kisses all over it. While kissing his hands went beneath my jean and went directly towards my underwear. He ran his hands over my pussy while kissing my stomach.  I started feeling wet and soon had an orgasm. After that, the guy removed my jeans along with my wet panty. He spread my legs apart and inserted his cock deep inside my vagina. He moved ferociously and rotated his cock from all angles. While doing this, he lay down on top of me and kissed me passionately all over my lips. He kept on moving his cock deep inside me till I had an orgasm. It was really a mind-blowing experience for me. He kept on doing this for 10 minutes till both of us achieved our desired sexual satisfaction at the same time. It was a night of sexual nirvana for both of us. The guy slept deep beside me. 

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